According to the Engineering Review of August 15-31, the federal government had planned to build the Bhasha Dam on BOOT system (i.e. Build-own-operate-transfer) at a cost of $12 billion and on a 30-year contract. In other words, it would mean selling the mega dam/project to a private party, which could later control the supply as well as prices of water and power to serve its own interests. It is a fact that no country has ever sold its mega dam to private/foreign enterprises. When bidding takes place at the international level, even a country against Pakistan can participate in it for the tender. It appears that the government has failed to collect funds for the construction of the dam from the World Bank or Asian Development Bank (ADB), and that is why it has planned to adopt the BOOT system. The World Bank had financed the feasibility cost of Kalabagh Dam, which could have been funded by the bank. However, the elusive consensus on the dam has not been achieved by the government, which keeps dam on the backburner or even on an extinguished burner. What greater tragedy would be than to relegate a mega dam to BOOT system? DR MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, October 1.