The United Nations has urged the international donors to speed up their assistance to the flood-affected people of Sindh so that the lives and property of hundreds of thousands of them could be saved by providing them the much-needed relief and rehabilitation. The response from the world community so far has been pathetic because Pakistan has received only $19 million, which is barely six per cent of the total amount required to undertake this massive work. The UN had actually called for a donation of $357 million. There could be several reasons behind this bleak response from the international community. One apparent reason could be the Pakistan governments own poor past record. If one has to believe what PML President Mian Nawaz Sharif said the other day while visiting the inundated Badin district, a huge sum of Rs 29 billions is lying in the government kitty that was meant for the rehabilitation of last years flood affectees. If true, it is a case of criminal neglect. After all, what is this money for if it fails to reach the needy in time to save them from miseries. It is also a fact that the international donors would feel attracted to contribute to the UN fund only when they know that the host government has the level of commitment needed to carry out the work. Hurry up Mr Prime Minister, the time is of essence.