ISLAMABAD - The 27th Federal Cup National Ranking Tennis Championship carrying Rs 275,000 prize money will start today (Monday) here at the Dilawar Abbas PTF Tennis Complex. The Mens final, and the Senior 45+ and 60+ events will be held at Islamabad Club. Mens singles, doubles, Ladies singles, Junior Boys U-18,, Junior Boys U-14, Senior 45+ and 60+ doubles events will be played in the tournament. Qualifying: Mens singles (draw 128), Boys U-18 singles (draw 32), Boys Under-14 singles (draw 16). Senior 45+ and 60+ events will be held under the ITF rules. No ad scoring wherein deuce is the deciding point. At deuce, however, the receiver will have the choice to receive from either end. In case of one set all, a super tiebreak will be played to decide the third set. A team winning first 10 points with the margin of 2 points will win the set and the match.. Tournament committee is headed by director Fazle Subhan, will finalize the entries of the different events. Tournament director Fazal Subhan said, the event of senior doubles 45 & 60 plus will be held only in case of minimum of 8 entries received and one day is extended to facilitate the senior players to send their entries to tournament director.