A large number of Hindu families are fleeing from Sindh, particularly from the districts of Shikarpur, Ghotki and Jacobabad, due to constant harassment by way of kidnapping for ransom, extortion and abuse in many ways. This is highly shocking, especially because the influentials of the area, as well as the magistrate and police personnel, are well aware about the gangs that are involved in these heinous and immoral crimes. Without doubt, the Hindus and other minorities are as good Pakistanis as the Muslims. Moreover, they are part of Sindhs culture because they have been living in the province for centuries peacefully, side by side with their Muslim brethren, who must guard the lives and properties of minorities, as their religious and moral duty. Recently, when about 200 hapless Hindu families, who belonged to these areas, migrated to other countries, their eyes were filled with tears. Earlier, the scribe of this letter had invited indulgence of the areas influentials to ensure the security of Hindu community, since they claim to be the custodians of tradition and values of their elders and tribes. Unfortunately, nothing was done, thereby creating more insecurity for the community. I implore the provincial government, as well as the conscientious citizens of the province, to come forward and provide security to the harassed community so that they can continue to earn their livelihood, as peaceful citizens of a free country. MANSOORUL HAQUE SOLANGI, Karachi, October 1.