LAHORE The former first-class cricketer Mr Tahir Shah demanded of the Pakistan Cricket Board to monitor umpire stand in the domestic tournaments as they are ignoring the suspicion bowling actions from the local bowlers. He said a few newly-inducted bowlers in the team have suspicion bowling actions while spinner M Hafeez and Saeed Ajmals actions were also discussed by commentators during the Zimbabwe tour and luckily they escaped as they were not reported to the ICC. Their actions while delivering dosra looked suspicious and this fault should be removed to avoid any bowler loss in future to Pakistan, he added. He said that young fast bowler avoids open the attack in domestic tournaments and prefers bowling with the old ball to get reverse swing and board should also monitor the issue to stop further cheating. Tahir said: Ball-tampering was not new in international cricket and it was being done through legal and illegal methods by many bowlers and teams. The International Cricket Council only targeted Pakistani bowlers while the other bowlers involved in he ball-tampering being ignored by the ICC, he said. The claims of ball tampering have always emerged against Pakistan but have never been proved but there are many ways to tamper with the ball that are illegal, like using your nail, but there are other ways to change the condition that are legal. A player can throw the ball on the bounce to make it rough or the ball can be damaged when it hits the advertising boards on the boundary, Tahir Shah claimed. There is still ball-tampering, pitch tampering and cheating is on during the domestic tournament with the help of a few umpires but it should be stopped now for the sake of Pakistan image in the world cricket, he claimed. Pakistan Cricket Board must instruct the umpires supervising domestic cricket matches to pin point suspicion bowling action of young bowlers to remove their shortcomings to avoid any problem in future before it was too late, he added. Pakistan Cricket Board should form a committee to monitor the performance of umpires those supervise local tournament to produce Aleem Dar-like umpires to bring laurel for Pakistan at the international level, he concluded.