There is no blinking at the fact that Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif is straining every nerve to wipe out the curse of dengue fever from Lahore, which is a major metropolis and capital of Punjab, in particular, and from the province in general. Unequivocally, if the spray had been done earlier, even malaria would have been eliminated from our country. According to an estimate, about 50,000 people suffer from the disease (malaria) in Pakistan every year. out of which about 10,000 patients die. But let bygones be bygones Now when we are fighting against this epidemic caused by dengue virus, I wanted to divert the attention of Chief Minister Punjab towards the doctors, working in various hospitals in Lahore, who are only admit those patients whose blood platelets are reduced to 10,000. This means that if a person is affected by dengue fever, he or she will have to wait for proper medical treatment till there is a relative decrease of platelets in the blood to about 10,000, and when death is almost inevitable. It is worth mentioning here that a healthy person has 100,000 to 150,000 platelets, and it takes a very long time for them to plummet to the level of 10,000, even when affected by dengue virus. Would Chief Minister Shahbaz look into the matter, as his efforts to combat with the fever are being thwarted by some doctors, who are deprived of morality and have forgotten that they once took Hippocratic oath MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, October 1.