Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani while addressing a big rally at Billiwala in the Multan district has pledged that his government would do anything to establish Seraiki province to end the deep sense of deprivation of the local population. Referring to the large number of people attending the rally, Premier Gilani said, it was a referendum in favour of a separate province. He also talked about the prevailing backwardness and sense of deprivation among the masses of these areas for the last 65 years, adding that it was his governments duty to prevent the people of this region from all kinds of indiscrimination. Mr Gilani also termed Muzaffargarh Punjabs Larkana because all five National Assembly candidates of PPP won elections from this district. But the question that needs an answer is that Pakistan Peoples Party had won four general election and formed governments at national and provincial levels. Never before any of the PPP stalwart ever talked of a Seraiki province, nor did any of them ever feel the pain of deprivation of the Seraiki people. However, it is yet to be seen whether creating a Seraiki province is a mere political slogan devoid of the required commitment. This only time will tell.