ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court has directed the Special Judge CNS Peshawar to file written reply in contempt case for summoning Registrar Dr Faqir Hussain due to his alleged association with SAIFCO, a firm culpable under the narcotics.

A two-member bench of the apex court, headed by Justice Chaudhry Ijaz Ahmad, heard the contempt case against Special Judge CNS Peshawar Muhammad Azim Khan Afridi, who on September 27 passed an order for summoning SC registrar on October 3 due to his link with a firm culpable under the narcotics as well as using scandalous language against the Supreme Court. The court on Monday already suspended Azim Khan Afridi’s order against the SC registrar and issued contempt notice to the judge for using derogatory language against the Supreme Court as well as Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP).

Special Judge CNS Peshawar stated in his order that SC Registrar Dr Faqir Hussain viciously/maliciously abused its authority to the disadvantage of public and national interest and to favour the said firm (SAIFCO).

“The platform of judicial commission was offered to SAIFCO by generating/ fabricating and providing dustbin material for maligning, slandering and defaming and ousting the honest noble judges and accommodating persons of otherwise character,” Special Judge CNS further said in his order. He also said that in order to facilitate SAIFCO, the entity (SC registrar) secured a complaint to extend favour to the said drug master and also attempted to use the services of NAB through SC Human Rights Cell.

It is to be noted that Azim Afridi was the judge of Islamabad High Court but Judicial Commission dropped his name for confirmation on October 22.

Appearing in person on Wednesday, Azim Afridi tried to submit oral submissions before bench but the court did not allow him by asking written reply in contempt case against him.  Special Judge CNS Peshawar also stated that he had strong reservations regarding the SC’s contempt proceeding against him and he should be allowed to give arguments in this case for one minute.

When the court again refused to hear his oral arguments, Afridi insisted if he was not heard then he should be punished today (Wednesday).

Later on, the special judge CNS Peshawar stated that he would consult law ministry for getting the assistance of a counsel in this case. But the bench told him that law ministry could no give the services of lawyer in contempt case.

Upon this, Afridi said how he could engage a private counsel as his salary was being stopped.

The court, however, asked him to file written reply and adjourned the hearing until October 10.