Pakistan Foreign Office has said that Pakistan is not a hub of terrorism adding that foreign hands cannot be ruled out in terrorism wave hitting the country.

In his weekly press briefing Foreign Office spokesperson Aizaz Chaudhry says terrorism was a common issue in Pakistan and India. He said Pakistan is victim of it and we have every incentive to work with everyone to get rid of this menace.

He said we are facing multiple challenges and whatever we are doing we are doing not just fro Pakistan but for the entire world. He said that the matter of involvement of foreign hand in the recent wave of terrorism needs to be investigated.

On a question about Indian involvement in Balochistan‚ he said whenever Pakistan and India will talk on composite dialogue‚ Pakistan will raise this issue.

Regarding talks with Taliban, the spokesperson said this is our internal matter. He said Pakistan has released Mullah Bradar and he is a free citizen and Afghan government has welcomed our initiative.

The Foreign Office termed Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif's visit to New York very successful, adding that during his visit to the US, PM Nawaz Sharif apprised the international community of Pakistan's priorities, and highlighted Kashmir issue.

He said Nawaz Sharif met with eighteen Prime Ministers and heads of state during the visit.

He said a good beginning has been made on drone strikes as international public opinion against it has started developing.

He said drones strikes are against our sovereignty‚ as well as international law. He said drones fan terrorism and Pakistan has shown always resistance against them.

Regarding Pakistan and Indian Prime Ministers meeting‚ the spokesman said all the issues‚ including Kashmir‚ water‚ terrorism‚ and Sir Creek came under discussion.

He said both sides agreed to take immediate steps to stabilize situation on the Line of Control.

He said immediate take away of the meeting was agreement that both Director General Military Operations will meet soon.

The spokesman said Pakistan has a clear stance on Kashmir dispute and we believe it must be resolved according to the aspirations of Kashmiri people and United Nations resolutions.