I recall a movie of the seventies ‘Night of the Generals’ that we all enjoyed watching. Some of us watched it more than once. Here’s a replay of the movie in a slightly different manner, call it ‘fight of the generals’. According to an editorial in leading English daily, two retired generals Arif Hasan and Akram Sahi heading various committees of the Olympics are trying to outdo each other. Arif Hasan has held the top portfolio of the country’s Olympics Association for as long as I remember. He doesn’t want to quit the cushy job that affords him free foreign jaunts in style and luxurious stays in world’s top hotels. While the two chairmen test each other’s mettle, the poor sportsmen feel as if they are the grass being trampled on by these two elephants gone amok. Whether it is admirable that retired generals want to die with their boots on or not, but they always fight a rearguard action before quitting for good. We are watching with bated breath which of the two outmanoeuvres the other.


Chakwal, October 1.