A number of residents of village Lathay Pur and relatives of three slain family members protested against the Ferozewala Police its failure to arrest the accused involved in the murders.

According to detail, three members of a family including Rana Bahadar, Rajab Ali and Irfan were gunned down by their three close relatives in village Lathaypur over an old enmity.  The eyewitness told that Raba Abbas and Rana Liaqat group had old enmity over a piece of land.  Earlier, two people of the Raba Abbas group had already been shot dead. On day of the incident, Rana Bahadar, Irfan and Rajab Ali belonging to Rana Abbas group were sitting in a barber shop of the village. Meanwhile, three members of Rana Liaqat group on a bike came there and opened indiscriminate fire. As a result, Rana Bahadar died on the spot while the other two breathed their lost in Mayo Hospital Lahore.