This is in reference to reports of Bilawal’s apology and his appeal to workers not to leave his party are appreciated, as this is the first time any politician has apologized, but my advice to Bilawal is to ask those sitting around him, where were they when jobs were sold in PSM, PIA, OGDC, PSO, NICL, SSGPL etc and millions were taken on behalf of leading members of ruling kitchen cabinet. He should ask his father and aunt, what were their compulsions in appointing controversial men to head PIA, CAA, NICL, PSM etc, especially such people as the former MD of national airline, who was accused of gross financial irregularities in recruitment, in an investigation ordered by Ministry of Defense, and his role in smuggling of rare national artifacts, allegedly for Zardari’s villa in Surrey.

Does he not know that even Hajj and Umrah pilgrims were not spared, by the corrupt appointed by his party, during their controversial five year rule? Mere apologies will not convince former supporters, who have witnessed institutionalisation of corruption and selection of semi-literate men to head state corporations, which have been driven to bankruptcy. The crowd that throngs PTI gatherings is those who have been disgruntled by both Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. People want change for better, where those elected address problems of masses, tax the rich and give relief and justice to the poor.


Islamabad, September 30.