An American human rights organization ‘Center for Justice’ announced a cash prize of $10,000 for anyone who can personally serve court summons on the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, for his role in 2002 Gujarat riots. However, Modi is always escorted by his security guards and it appears to be a difficult task. Earlier, the same organization charged Sonia Gandhi, for her role in the anti-Sikh massacre in Delhi in 1984. As head of a government, Modi has immunity from American courts.

If we see his position, as Gujarat chief minister in the past or as India’s prime minster presently, isn’t it laughable that he has been absolved of any wrongdoings by no one else but the Indian courts? He was declared not responsible for killing more than 1000 people, widespread looting, and destruction of property, expulsion of thousands of families from their homes. If courts were expecting to see a video showing Modi himself leading the rioters burning, looting and killing, then they should think logically. If we follow the idea that a person has to personally fire a bullet or kill someone then Nuremberg-trial accused would have been released, as none were physically involved in the torturing and killing of Jewish inmates during the Second World War.

Modi’s public relation charm and his meetings with Indian-American community and businessmen aside, an American visa ban imposed on Modi by Bush administration still holds, same as this law suit by ‘Center for Justice’ will strike one day. It’s high time for Modi to come forward and defend his stance that he is not personally responsible for the Gujarat government’s inaction to stop 2002 riots. When justice can follow Augusto Pinochet, after years of his retirement, why not same for Narendra Modi?


Saudi Arab, September 29.