Muzaffargarh- In Muzaffargarh’s Alipur district the authorities have prepared a fake list of the houses damaged by the massive floods in Pakistan.

 At least 25000 rupees were demanded as financial aid based on the fake list, sources reported today.

The floods in Pakistan resulted in destruction in several parts of the country. In the fake list created, 54 affected houses in the Alipur district were mentioned and financial aid amounting twenty-five thousand rupees was given to those highlighted in the list.

However, in reality, there were only five such houses included in the list which were damaged in the floods.

Muhammad Afzal who had collected 25000 rupees as aid from the authorities informed that more than one owner of each house was included in the fake list to demand the aid. The flood victims are protesting against the fake list because the authorities had included those areas where no flood destruction was caused and no flood-related incidents were reported.