Former prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that he would have handed over the reign to Imran khan had he been the prime minister.

“It would have taught him a lesson that how difficult it was to run the government,” he added while talking to the journalists here on Thursday. He said that running a government had never been easy in Pakistan, adding that the attempts to weaken parliament begun from his removal and reached climax today. He suggested to the organizers and participants of sit-ins to end their agitation and celebrate Eid with flood victims. He categorically declared that the PPP would resist any unconstitutional act.

He said that although the PPP had many differences with the government, it was its desire that the government accomplished its term. He added that the PPP strived for the supremacy of law and constitution in the past and got the judiciary independence. “That’s why we always come into power with pure public support,” he asserted. He said that although the PPP was out of power, it still served the masses as it was its manifesto to serve the people. He added that the PPP was the only party that participated in by election on its own electoral sign. Referring to by election in NA-149, he said that the PPP genuinely deserved vote as it launched record development projects in this constituency.