KIEV: A Ukrainian man miraculously managed to escape unharmed after the road collapsed underneath him as he was driving. Gordey Efremov was travelling home in the city of Dnipropetrovsk in south-eastern Ukraine, when the ground suddenly vanished below. Images from the accident show Mr Efremov’s 4x4 lying on its side in a giant pothole, practically swallowed by the road. Mr Efremov had been travelling in his Lada Niva when he suddenly found the ground vanishing underneath him. He said: ‘Because of the rain, traffic was going slowly anyway and then when the car in front of me stopped I put on the brakes, and slow down.  ‘Then I suddenly got this sinking feeling and before I knew it was disappearing into the road. The car tipped onto its side and muddy waters started to flood in through the air vents and door. I had to open the window above and climb out where some people helped me onto the street.–MO