The Pakistan Kissan Ittehad staged a sit-in against over billing, withdrawal of subsidy from electricity rates and increase in the fertilizers and seed prices at Mian Channu Morr near Multan Road, bringing the traffic to a grinding halt.

According to details, thousands of farmers and activists of Pakistan Kissan Ittehad (PKI) staged a sit-in at Mian Channu Morr near Multan Road. The protesting farmers blocked the road with tractor-trolleys which threw the vehicular traffic out of gear for several hours. The farmers protested against what they described as “anti-farmers and agriculture polices” of the government. They regretted that the government failed to honour its promises and instead withdraw subsidy from electricity rates, increased fertilizer, seed and other implements prices after imposing “unwarranted taxes.”

The farmers’ representatives alleged that the government had increased prices of agricultural implements but ignored the market price of cotton and other crops, adding that low prices of agriculture produce had been causing colossal losses the poor farmers. They demanded that the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) should intervene in the market to make to stabilise the cotton prices. They alleged that Mepco officials were involved in overbilling of agriculture tube wells which was unacceptable. They demanded of the government to check overbilling, restore the subsidy on electricity and ensure appropriate prices for the agriculture produce like cotton and others. They warned that if they would compel to launch a massive protest if the government failed to address their problems.