LAHORE - Dr Tahirul Qadri, who had been criticising the present electoral process through his fiery speeches since December 2012, has now announced to form a political party and take part in elections. His latest move shows that his previous ‘efforts’ could not bear fruit. Political experts can easily name this a ‘U-Turn’. His political cousins – PTI leaders – have already termed the Parliament as their ‘political Kaaba’, (means they are already with the system).

Though Dr Tarirul Qadri in the beginning kept on saying he would convince Imran Khan that the existing system was completely outdated and there would be no positive output even from the midterm elections under this system, but apparently he himself has been convinced in favour of the system. 

It seems that both Imran Khan and Dr Qadri would become political allies in future and help end each other’s political loneliness. They have kicked off their ‘Plan-B’ under which ‘Go-Nawaz-Go’ slogan will also continue but their main objective would be ‘Go-Parliament-Go’ as soon as possible.

Imran Khan has already predicted the next government to be of the PTI’s. So both ‘political cousins’ would jointly struggle for a new parliament, pressing the government as maximum as possible.

Seemingly, there is no sign of relief for the government in near future (as the prime minister was of the view that the current situation would get diluted after sometime, but it is not like that).

The government would have to actively counter this situation as it handled the flood crisis. It would have to revisit its strategy of lethargy and becoming unpopular among the masses. A major change in the government team would be a part of the package, because if the demand of midterm elections gets extreme hype, the government would have to hold local bodies elections at least to mitigate the political pressure. And this would only be possible if the government manages to sustain its political credibility among the people.

At the same time, there could have been a crucial stage for the government when the demand of midterm elections starts alluring some parties in the Parliament, endangering the government’s vital support in the House.

PPP leader and National Assembly Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah had already started singing the song of midterm elections.