LAHORE (PR): More than two hundred members of the line staff become victim of accidents every year. These accidents could be prevented by the management of Elecy. through providing standard safety equipments and improving the skill training facilities for the field staff. Workers should take care of their lives by refusing to work in case unsafe working conditions because, it is, their fundamental right to do so. These views were expressed at a Safety Conference presided over by Khurshid Ahmed, General Secretary of union and was also addressed by Sajid Kazmi, Rana Akram, Ch. Javed, Ran. Abdul Shakoor, Muzaffar Mateen, ZakirAi Shah, Haji Yonus Kambo and others.

Saeed Ahmed Khan, General Manager PEPCO while speaking on the occasion assured to the workers that every effort was being made to provide Standard Safety Equipment and Observance of Safety Regulations and recruitment of new hands to make up the serious deficiency of the field staff after the lifting ban.