A gang-raped girl remained unable to get a case registered against the politically influential “rapists” as the police precinct where the crime was committed could not be determined by the three stations of Sialkot.

Thus, the girl threatened to commit self-immolation in front of the Chief Minister’s House in Lahore as a protest against the Sialkot police for not registering a case against the accused.

Talking to the newsmen at the chamber of her lawyer, she said that more than a week has passed but the police of three police stations namely Motra, Saddar Sialkot and Hajipura had not determined the limits. She said that the three stations’ police send her to the other station for getting a case registered.

She said that three police stations in Sialkot had refused to accept in their precinct the house where she was gang-raped. She detailed that she had gone to a police station for registration of a case, from where the police officials sent her to Sialkot Saddar police station wherefrom she was sent to Hajipura police station for the case registered. She said that a week has passed but she still remained unable to get a case registered. A week has elapsed from the incident.

As per the case details, Sialkot-based married woman Rehana Kausar, 32, the wife of a local industrial worker, was forcibly kidnapped and gang-raped by five accused including Ali, Abbas and a pick-up driver.

She said that she got into a pick-up van from Noorabad-Hajipura Sialkot on September 25, 2014 for going to see her sister in village Jessarwala-Daska.

Meanwhile, she added, they held her at gunpoint, kidnapped and took her to a brick kiln located near village Bheello Mahaar-Daska in the jurisdiction of Motra police station. Then, she added, the driver, conductor forcibly poured wine in her throat and gang-raped her as she had fallen unconscious. She alleged that they also tortured her severely and bit her sensitive body parts like dogs.

She said that she also knocked at the doors of Sialkot DPO office, but still waiting for justice from the Sialkot police chief as well.

“I have become a rolling stone between the three police stations, which still remain unable to determine their limits in this regard,” she said.

“Give me justice or give me death”, she appealed to the Punjab chief minister. She said that instead of registering a case and arresting the accused kidnappers-cum-rapists, the police were harassing her and her family to keep their lips zipped and try to have patch up with the accused.

“I have knocked every door for justice but everyone has disappointed me. Now, I have decided to commit self-immolation in front of the CM House Lahore,” she warned.

The mother of five minor children including three daughters and two sons said that the accused were politically influential and still at large. They were threatening her and her family with dire consequences,

she said.

Her counsel Mian Shehzad Khalid Advocate said that the accused were stated to be influential.

The victim knows the names of only two accused while she recognized all of them. He said that the medical report had confirmed sexual and physical torture on her body as she had wounds of teeth-biting almost everywhere on her body. He added that the victim had also submitted a petition in the court of District and Session Judge Shahid Rafiq for getting a case registered against the accused.

When contacted, police officials averted to comment in this matter. However, the junior police officials requesting anonymity said that they were waiting for the legal opinion for the registration of the case against

the accused.