This is the 21st century and the world has progressed. Now we have iPhones, India has reached Mars, there are new diseases and new cures but what have we as a nation achieved? We have an intelligent youth, an educated youth but has anyone made headlines? Pakistanis are best at technology, but India has developed a Silicon Valley and attracted technology tycoons to invest whereas we are nowhere to be seen. This is only because each and every individual is busy fighting his or her own battle.

The entire world is cleverly following the famous saying “United we stand, divided we fall”, but we are so busy dividing ourselves that we have forgotten about the first part. No leader, no party can bring us the revolutionary change until and unless we learn to stand together as a nation rather than against each other.

Pakistan has immense tourism locations in the northern area, it has the best fruit, it produces the best cloth, puts up the largest cattle market in Asia, best hospitality, most clever individuals, but still we are no where? We have failed to fight polio, Congo virus, or to provide basic necessities such as water or building any dams. We need to learn that the fight we are fighting within ourselves needs to end in order for our problems to resolve and develop the state that Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted to build.


Karachi, September 29.