PESHAWAR - The bomb disposal unit of the provincial police, headed by AIG Bomb Disposal Unit, has successfully thwarted terrorist designs to undertake series of attacks across Peshawar, police said on Thursday.

According to details, the miscreants had planned to carry out a series of IED attacks in the provincial capital on 1st and 2nd October.

The Bomb Disposal Unit on Wednesday located and defused a remote control motorcycle bomb in the area of Achini Bala, Peshawar. The motorcycle which was fitted with 10-kg explosives was a sophisticated and advance version of IED and could have caused large casualties.

While on Thursday, the personnel of Peshawar police located three IEDs in the area of police station Khazana. The IEDs, each weighing 2 kgs, were fitted with pylons carrying high tension wires and were aimed to disrupt the power supply system for the city. The said IEDs were successfully defused by the Bomb Disposal Unit.

The Bomb Disposal Unit also defused two IEDs, one weighing 5 kg and other weighing 20 kg, which were planted along the Kohat Road. The IEDs were planted on a route, which was in frequent use of police and other LEAs during the routine search and strike operations in the city, to cause massive human casualties.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Bomb Disposal Unit has been able to defuse IEDs, which will definitely enable the investigators in identifying the culprits.