Islamabad - Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications has sought proposals from different legal entities for establishing Tech City Incubator in Federal Capital.

This would be the second start-up incubator in the Capital as National University of Science and Technology (NUST) has already set-up such a Tech Incubator Center (TIC).

An official at National ICT R&D Fund, a subsidiary of the Ministry on Friday said the Tech City Incubator could be a very significant contributor to start-up economy in Islamabad.

The official said this will be the first in a series of Tech Incubators in all provinces and major metropolitan areas. The decision to build these was taken a few months ago during Board of Directors meeting of the Fund.

He said through this new model, an ecosystem for promoting entrepreneurship is being established. Young and aspiring entrepreneurs with IT qualifications even from remote areas would have an equal opportunity to launch their own businesses once the project is fully underway.

He said Lahore and Karachi have emerged as the leading hubs for entrepreneurship in Pakistan and this move could help Islamabad stand on level footing.