KARACHI - Senior Director General, Trade Development Authority Pakistan (TDAP) Nusrat Jamshed has urged for establishing Islam Trade Bloc for enhancement in the export of Halal products and services which is continuously at increasing side.

Halal products zone capacity to export is expected to reach nearly US $ 50 billion in next two or three years which may gear up US $ 1.7 trillion in next five years, he said this while addressing a seminar on “Pakistan land of opportunities”, organized by Business Administration Society of the students of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi, said a statement on Friday.

Chairman, Media Committee, Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Farooq Dadi also addressed the seminar.

Nusrat Jamshed said that World trade volume in 2013 was recorded around US $ 17.9 trillion While existing Halal market is estimated about US $ 7.1 trillion including US $ 3.92 trillion pertaining to OIC members.

He emphasized that to plan, establish and manage Halal Products Zones in Karachi and Lahore, the Halal Processing Zone Authority be directed to help and generate its industrial, Commercial and service oriented activities.

He said that no doubt Pakistan is land of opportunities and every kind of resources are available here but we have to take due advantage of our resources.

He informed that Pakistan is the fourth biggest country in the world for the Milk production, Fruit and Cotton but in the list of top hundred countries in export our number is after 60.

Similarly we are at number 6 in wheat production but our number is 47 in its exporter’s countries, he said.

He urged that in order to achieve goals of development, economic policies and implementations should dominate.