The Jammu & Kashmir Liberation League (JKLL) on Friday appreciated the four-point peace initiative proposed to India by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the United Nations General Assembly the other day.

Talking to reporters here, JKLL President and former chief justice of AJK High Court Abdul Majeed Mallick said that Nawaz Sharif sincerely advocated the cause of peace and prosperity in South Asia through allowing the people of Jammu & Kashmir their right to self-determination as legitimate solution to the much-delayed Kashmir dispute.

Nevertheless, Justice Mallick emphasised that the four-point agenda set out by the prime minister of Pakistan could only be acted upon by formally invoking the authority of the United Nations Security Council under Chapter - 7 of the UN.

Mallick said that among these points, the demilitarisation was of great significance and fundamental as proposed by the prime minister. “The point of demilitarisation of entire J&K state is the key to the early peaceful solution to Kashmir dispute,” the Kashmiri leader observed.

Referring to the continued hostile attitude and behaviour of India, Justice (r) Mallick said that unless the UN Security Council seriously considered the apparent danger to the peace of the region, there was least likelihood that India would honour its own commitments and promise to allow Kashmiris to exercise their right self-determination.

The Kashmiri leader said that the ongoing tension on account of frequent violations of the Line of Control and Working Boundary through unprovoked firing by the Indian troops resulted in huge damage to the lives and properties of the people of Kashmir. “Such violations might ignite a war between India and Pakistan”, he feared.

The JKLL president further observed that since both the countries had nuclear capabilities, any further misstep by either of them might prove to be much detrimental for both of them.