The aspirants to their respective party tickets have adopted social media especially facebook as a major tool for their electioneering here ahead of the local bodies elections scheduled to be held on December 03.

They noted that the social media especially facebook could be helpful in wooing the voters and supporters in this regard. They were of the view that the social media was very effective for electioneering and it cost nothing. They said that earlier they had spent big amounts regarding elections due to previous LB polls announcements made by the government and Election Commission during the last years.

They post their electoral banners and posters carrying their photos on the social media especially facebook. Almost all the main political parties including PML-N, PTI, PPP, PML-Q and JI are trying to surpass one another by telling the advantages and disadvantages of social media to their expected candidates, voters and supporters in this regard.

The expected candidates are making claims of being the true servants of the people on facebook besides visiting door to door in connection with their election campaign.

Q LEADERS, WORKERS JOIN N: Hundreds of PML-Q workers led by Mian Anwar Javaid, former naib nazim of Pindi Panjoraan, announced to join the PML-N.

They made the announcement during a public meeting. MNA Armughan Subhani, MPA Tariq Akhtar, MLA-AJK Muhammad Ishaq, PML-N leaders Sufi Ishaq and Ch Latif were also present.