I would like to inform you, that I am also surprised with your response to Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Chairman demanding third party independent inquiries into alleged mega corruption scam in Nandipur Power plant project, Metrobus projects in Punjab. If NAB and Rangers can do crackdowns on corruption in Sindh, Why not in Punjab? Is there is no corrupt politician, civil servant, businessman in Punjab? I would also like to tell you that there are about 40 Articles of Constitution of Pakistan which are not respected and implemented by so called People mandated government which are related to people welfare.The majority of people are fed up from lying politicians.Why is the Army Chief the most popular leader in Pakistan? He is doing what the people want. He is leading the war against terrorists from the front and is not afraid of them like these politicians who were begging them for peace. He did not weep like you when any TTP leader was killed. I must tell you the biggest corruption scam will be found in Punjab if Rangers support is provided to NAB. Shall I believe that for you National interest is more important then party interest?


Lahore, September 16.