LAHORE – The leaders organising the PTI public meeting tomorrow in the provincial capital are making efforts to assemble a gathering of more than 20,000 supporters to make it a successful show of force in NA-122, a party leader told The Nation today.

The PTI Chairman Imran Khan, who formally led the Lahore by-poll campaign on September 30, will reach again tomorrow to address the rally.

Imran Khan had announced that he would make revelations about ruling party’s involvement in corruption of mega development projects in tomorrow’s moot.

Analysts are of the view Imran could attract the undecided voters for October 11 by-elections if the revelations he would make public have some substance.

In separate meetings steered by PTI Punjab organizer, Chaudhary Sarwar and party’s candidates for NA-122, Aleem Khan, committees comprising coordinators for by-polls and local bodies’ elections have been given the task to bring more than 20,000 supporters.

Farrakh Javed a key campaign manager of Aleem Khan told The Nation that Dongi Ground, Samanabad, which is the venue of rally, has the capacity to accommodate at least 17,000 thousand persons. The organisers hope to gather more supporters than the capacity of the ground. The PTI public meeting venue falls in PP-148 part of NA-122.