a difference of opinion

A: Come here, be part of the picture, it’ll be weird when everybody will be in the album but you.

S: No I think I’m fine the way I am. I’d rather enjoy a good honest conversation with someone rather than put up a fake smile and take ton of pictures. This is better use of my limited social time.

A: Anti-social time would be more exact. You’ll seem aloof an arrogant, come be part of at least one picture. No one makes the rules, but we have to follow certain etiquettes, this is how social scenarios go, you should know this better than me. You’re wearing a dinner jacket at a dinner aren’t you, you are following that etiquette, now don’t be a grump and follow this other.

S: I don’t have to, that is the thing with etiquettes, you can pick and choose as you like, inviting disapproval at your own risk. At this stage I don’t mind it. Anyway, this culture of taking highly scripted and generic photographs to post online and parade in front of the world seems too surreal to me. It feels like you are trying too hard to make the world think you are happy.

A: Firstly, why is that a bad thing? Look at that group over there, the likes they get on those pictures will make them happy for the rest of the week, why begrudge them that. And as for faking it, this is a pre-wedding dinner thrown by the groom, our old friend, are you not genuinely happy?

S: I am happy, I just don’t feel I need to make sure the world knows it. Fine, I’ll come with you, I can’t promise you my fake smile will be convincing though.

A: I think your problem with pictures is your inability to pose in front of a camera, that’s all.