Sir, according to your editorial “Water Stressed” in the Nation of Sep 15, allowing for flow below Kotri there is still over 22 maf which can be stored in the Indus Basin. Please note that most of this water is from the tributaries of the Indus, namely Kabul, Chitral, Swat, Haro and Soan. Only Kalabagh dam is so situated that it can store 6.1 of this surplus water, however, the dam is a victim of rank ignorance. It is only through the media that the unfounded apprehensions in the public mind can be countered. For instance – that the dam will reduce flow in the Indus, although Tarbela dam increased supplies by 25 per cent, that Punjab will usurp Sindh’s share because the dam is in Punjab, when in fact it is IRSA which allocates water to the provinces, and so on. If ever a subject needed investigative reporting it is this ignorance which is holding the country hostage


Lahore, September 15.