SARGODHA- The government is endeavouring to ensure quality education in the public and private sector institutions, said Punjab Education Minister, Rana Mashhood Ahmed.

He was addressing the groundbreaking ceremony of Engineering Block of the University of Lahore at Sargodha campus. He said that provincial government is recruiting 70,000 educators and constructing 36,000 new classrooms throughout Punjab.

Talking about the political and geographic scenario of the country, Rana Mashhood said that the country is facing threats and some anti-state actors want to destabilise the country.

He maintained that India is striving to crush Kashmir freedom movement by escalating its army at border. Indian army is fostering atrocity and cruelty in Kashmir whereas a Pakistani political party is engaging in merry-making and entertaining its workers through musical shows, he said.

PTI protest is an obvious intrigue against the socio-economic growth of the country and Pak-china Economic Corridor, he said. It should inculcate constructive political thinking amongst its workers, he said. He added that Imran Khan should come to the table to resolve each and every issue. He said that misconception about judicial commission and TOR committee can be resolved with mutual negotiations instead of roaring, making hue and cry on the roads.

He expressed that opposition does not spare any opportunity to jeopardise national interests. He said that PTI and opposition parties should trust in the judicial system and courts and should lodge their reservation in these courts.

To a question, he said the whole nation is backing the army and security agencies to retaliate any venture extended by Indian army. He remarked that University of Lahore is one of the best universities of the country.