I have witnessed many political processions, gatherings and agitations against sitting governments. The results that emerge from these anti-government movements have been painful and make me fearful. The respective governments that assume power could not solve economic and political problems. A few wealthy people benefited while the poor were driven towards further devastation. All power holders were found wanting with regard to provision of pure drinking water, unadulterated basic necessities of life, health and educational facilities. They could neither maintain peace nor provide security. The rulers blamed their predecessors instead of accepting their own responsibilities. The unpleasant and aggressive behavior of some ministers of current government against their opponents cause unrest and rift and division in public instead of creating unity and harmony. Though the present generation of politicians barring few, are product of authoritarian rule, but those in power along with those who served a dictator for 7 years treat themselves as democrats and their opponents as enemy of the state. This seems to be very unfair as in a democratic order, opposition is not only necessary but vital for pointing out short comings and malpractices of parliamentarians; their criticism to be taken as measure of correction. 

Likewise the opposition leaders can do a greater service to people and country if they voluntarily stop these unnecessary rallies and dharnas which causes inconvenience to general public in conducting their daily life activities; business and hindrance in earning their livelihood. 

If our rulers and their opponents get rid of the menace of self-love and righteousness; get together rather than tougher and shed their prejudices and grudges against each other in the national interest, they could be trusted and respected by national and international communities. They must bear in mind that “no one was better than the other at the time of reckoning”. They must also realize that it is the common man who suffers most due to their quarrel for powers and he deserves some respite. 

By doing such things they shall render a great service to the people and democracy. 


Islamabad, September 12.