A new chairman NAB is to be appointed, on the expiry of the term of the present incumbent in the near future which would once again be a consensus choice of the Leaders of the House and Opposition. NAB is a vital organ of the state that can bring all and sundry to account for their deeds and misdeeds without fear or favour. It must, therefore, be able to act as impartially as possible. But can it function cleanly if its Chairman is under an obligation to his selectors, who have selected him after an arduous and grueling give and take parleys and negotiations between them? Does it not make his appointment somewhat dubious and partisan in nature? How could he bring these very gentlemen, who have bestowed upon him such an important position, to justice and account for their acts of omission and commission? 

It would, therefore, be in all fairness, justice and in the interest of the state – Pakistan - that the Chairman NAB is appointed by the Supreme Courts of Pakistan on merit and merit alone. 


Rawalpindi, September 16.