The CPEC, called a game changer for the people of Balochistan, has not resulted much since Gawadar’s own local people have not benefited from it. They are downtrodden and poor people who don’t even have one time meal to eat. It is said that the CPEC projects will eliminate poverty from Balochistan and put this downtrodden province on the track of progress and development. The CPEC is a vast economic oriented project but will it boon this backward province is a hot topic.

The answer to this question can be traced from various aspects or projects being run in Balochistan, be it, Saindak or the Reko Diq projects, in which various natural resources are found but Balochistan gets the least share of it.

While 1952, the first oil field in Pakistan was discovered in the province of Balochistan near a Sui gas field. During the same time period, Sui gas field, which remains the biggest natural gas field in Pakistan, was discovered and by 1955 and it was supplied to different areas of the country. It is important to note here that the first provinces to get supply from Sui gas were Punjab and Sindh. Whereas in Dera Bugti, located in Sui, the area which has come to be the backbone of Pakistan’s economy is underdeveloped and remains deprived of this resource.

Lastly, the Balochistan province, which provides Pakistan with numerous resources such as Copper, gold, silver, iron-ore, chromite, gypsum, fluorite, magnetite, barite, vermiculite, Asbestos, marble, granite, quartzite, sulphur, limestone, natural gas, coalfield and many to name but in return what they give to the people of Balochistan is poor education, poor health facilities, unemployment, poverty and tag the label of being backward, uncivilized and anti-state. Do they really deserve this?

ZN BALOCH, Zeeshan Nasir,

Turbat, September 17.