OKARA - A Deputy Superintendent Examinations was abducted at gun point, and released after being threatened with death on Tuesday.Moazzim Ali Khan was performing duty as Deputy Superintendent in the examinations of the BISE Sahiwal at Govt Sutlej High School, Okara. He emerged from his house on Tuesday morning to reach his duty place. When he was passing through the road beside Ghoray Shah Cemetery, some suspects in a car intercepted him and dragged him into the car at gunpoint. They abused him and threatened him with death if he would refuse to do in the examination hall what they said. They also snatched his purse and mobile phone. They released him and also returned his purse and cell phone after keeping him in the car for about 50 minutes. He got a case registered at A-Division police station.


A man involved in a criminal case was nabbed with heavy quantity of drugs. On a tip-off, the A-Division police raided the house of Khalid Javed involved in FIR No.719-18. The police arrested him outside his house and recovered 1.2kg of Charas from his possession. The same police team arrested another drug pusher, M Iqbal Mdhar, of village 43/GD with 460g of Charas. The Gogera police arrested Ali Sher Wajhera Kharal of village Fatooana with 350 g of Charas. They also arrested Ahmed Hassan Wajhera from the same village with 380g of Charas and recovered 1.8kg of Charas from him. Cases were registered against them.