The National Assembly on Wednesday passed the Finance Supplementary (Amendment) Bill 2018 with a majority.

Finance Minister Asad Umar presented the supplementary finance bill as NA Speaker Asad Qaiser chaired a session of the National Assembly.

As the NA speaker initiated the voting process on the bill through verbal voting, opposition members challenged Clause 2 of the amendment and demanded that there should be headcount on it. 

The National Assembly speaker approved the request and during the headcount, 158 voted in favour of Clause 2 while 120 opposed it.

A clause-wise approval of the bill was then sought in the assembly. The last amendment in the bill was presented by a Pakistan Peoples Party member and was regarding the increase in salaries of lawmakers and a request for the right to withdraw pension.

Finance Minister Umar objected to the recommended amendment and said, “It cannot be approved as the country’s economy is not in a state to allow it.”

The National Assembly then rejected four amendments put forth by the opposition, and approved the bill through majority votes.

The NA session was then adjourned.