Former National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) president Saeed Ahmad has submitted an appeal in the IHC against the single-bench’s decision, which maintained his suspension notification issued by the Finance Ministry on 28 August this year.

The Intra-Court Appeal (ICA) has been submitted via counsel Faiz Rasool Jalbani, in which it is said that he was suspended under Banks Nationalization Act (BNA) 1974 without giving any reason.

In the single-bench court hearing, AAG had stated that the suspension was done based on the letters received from NAB in view of a NAB reference against him. However, NAB case or letters were not even mentioned in the suspension order.

In the ICA, the applicant has requested for justice based on the prevalent law. It points out that if a person is to be removed from the position just because he/she is accused and there is reference against him/her, then there were a number of high profile cases, where the accused have remained in their position.

Jalbani said that his client did not breach any term or conditions of the contract and also BNA does not have provision for suspension. The impinged notification is arbitrary, fanciful, whimsical, and repugnant to the conscience.

Jalbani said that the appellant has the reason to believe that he was going to be removed without any reason as the Secretary Cabinet Division is reported to have accorded approval to removal of the appellant. It is prayed that ICA is allowed and the order dated 24-9-18 and suspension notification dated 28-8-18 be set aside.