Islamabad-Hundreds of patients at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) suffered miseries after the Information Technology (I.T) system of the hospital completely crashed and management had to switch on manual method for issuing of registration slips, The Nation learned, on Tuesday.

Around 10 thousand patients’ daily visit the Outdoor Patient Department (OPD) of the hospital and the management issues each patient a computerized registration slip.

Sources said that the I.T server was not working properly since Monday however, yesterday it completely crashed causing troubles to patients who had to queue in line for hours to get their registration slip.

Sources also said that the faulty I.T system had delayed the laboratory reports of the patients for last one week and patients are being given new dates to collect the medical reports.

Sources said that along with general OPD the cardiac center I.T system was also dysfunctional and the emergency patients were being given manual slips for the record.

As per sources, the PIMS has surprisingly two different softwares for the management of the registration of the patients but now both are not working and hospital has no alternate arrangement to manage the huge influx of the patients.

Hospital has Health Management Information System (HMIS) and Children Health Management Information System (CHMI), said the sources.

“HMIS I.T server has completely crashed while CHMIS is going to expire in December,” said the source.

Sources also added that the hospital has installed the faulty HMIS and FIAwas already probing the millions of rupee financial corruption held in purchasing of the software.  Sources also said that the senior staff operating the I.T system instead of resolving the technical issue was busy quarrelling with each other when the server crashed.

The Nation observed long queues of patients and struggling to get the registration slip to seek the medical examination.

Muhammad Shabir, a patient on a stretcher said that he was from Murree and reached PIMS early morning for the medical check-up from orthopedic surgeon.  “It took us two hours to reach hospital and the administration informed us that the I.T system is not working,” he said.

PIMS Executive Director (ED) Dr. Raja Amjad said that the system crashed because the management was shifting it from one server to another.

 He said now the administration has fixed the problem and the system has been restored.