BAHAWALPUR - The district police arrested professional and wanted criminals during a crackdown here.

Naushera Jadeed and Qayampur police, during a joint operation against drug dealers, arrested criminals including M Shaban and Faiz Bakhsh and recovered 30 litres of locally brewed liquor and 1.4kg of hashish. Anayati police, during a crackdown on gambling dens, arrested criminals including M Basheer and Ghulam Yaseen and recovered 52 playing cards and the gambling money. In a joint operation, Anayati, Qayampur, Uch Sharif, and Saddr police seized a 30 bore pistol, with eight rounds, and 32 bore revolver, with three rounds, and arrested the accused including M Asif, Umair Khalid, M Tariq, and M Shaban.

Similarly, teams of Qayampur, Ahmedpur East City, and Bahawalpur Saddr police during a crackdown on wanted criminals arrested M Mazhar, M Fayyaz, and M Jahangir. Cases were registered against the criminals.

District Police Officer Dr M Iqbal Khan said that operations against the professional criminals would continue. He added that anti-social elements deserve no leniency and would be dealt with sternly.