The Senate Standing Committee on Power has recommended seeking the help of prayer leaders to curb electricity theft across the country.

A sub-committee of the Senate Standing Committee on Energy headed by Senator Nauman Wazir prepared a proposal to curb the theft of electricity.

As per the recommendations, prayer leaders will be asked to issue a fatwa (religious decree) against electricity theft and declare it ‘haram’.

The proposal stated that mosques which will announce a fatwa against the use of stolen electricity will be given the first 400 units of electricity free each month.

Senator Wazir explained, “The prayer leaders will issue fatwas highlighting the repercussions of using stolen electricity in daily life.”

Last month, the Economic Coordination Committee announced to conduct a major crackdown against electricity theft.

In addition to the crackdown against electricity theft, the ECC also agreed to sever all illegal electricity connections within three months. A decision to install prepaid electric meters was also taken.