Mouth cancer or oral cancer is a pernicious disease which occur on the lips, gums, tongue and other parts of the mouth. The mouth cancer is become a common issue among the youth. It occurs by the excessively use of tobacco ,including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and snuff, among others. Heavy use of alcohol may also become a cause of mouth cancer. There are many way to prevent oneself from mouth cancer. First stop using tobacco, second avoid drinking alcohol , see your dentist regularly and so on. The Mouth is also more common in men than women. This may be because on average men tened to drink more alcohol than women .most cases of mouth cancer occur in older adults aged 50 to74. Only one in eight (12.5 %)cases affect people younger than 50. Overall around 60% of people with mouth cancer will live at least five years affect their diagnosis and many will live much longer without the cancer returning.

It is responsibility of the government that she should take out the treatment of cancer disease.