Since the day, new government is on throne every other person is bragging about tabdeeeli ‘the change’ they have promised before coming into government. Ignoring the fact that the filth previous throned ones have dispersed over these past years have contaminated the very roots of the system.

Uprooting them is not a game of days or months it would take years but the thing which matters the most is the initiatives; the decisions they are taking towards tabdeeli. Recently one very major decision taken by federal government is appointing Director General Captain Usman Younas (R) Punjab Food Authority as Secretary Primary and Secondary Health. He has a very strong track record of working zealously towards his assigned responsibilities. He is holding both positions and since the day he has possessed respective positions he is zestful towards both. It’s just one example Government specially Government of Punjab is taking such initiatives to strengthen up the motto they are preaching The Tabdeeli motto. We as responsible civilians must support such decisions and should root for them instead of criticizing for the sake of criticism only. Once given full support can not only leads nation towards prosperity but also will also lessen the chaos overall.