Islamabad - Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) following the directions of the Prime Minister has established six gyms in boys’ colleges while four facilities will be established in girls’ colleges.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training (FE&PT) said that as per vision of Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the ministry has taken several initiatives to ensure healthy activities in the educational institutions of ICT. It said that ICT has taken the lead in this regard and on the directions of the Ministry for Federal Education and Professional Training, Federal Directorate of Education has established six gyms in colleges for boys while four gyms in girls’ colleges. These gyms will promote healthy lifestyle activities among the students of these institutions and nearby community areas.

The names of the institutions include IMCB H-9, IPCC H-8/4, IMCB F-7/3, IMCB F-10/4, ICB G-6/3, and IMCB F-8/4. Girls Colleges include IMCG (PG) F-7/4, IMCG (PG) G-10/4, ICG F-6/2, and IMS I-8/1.