ISLAMABAD   -   The Sub committee of the Pubic Accounts Committee (PAC) on Friday was informed that the commercial plots were not suspended by Capital Development Authority (CDA) despite the non-renewal of lease.

The audit officials while briefing the committee headed by MNA Riyaz Fatyana said that a total of 524 plots were given on lease by the CDA and lease duration is 33 years, audit officials added.

While responding to the arguments of audit officials, Chairman CDA said that they have made recoveries of over Rs 230 million; adding that CDA possessed all the lands within Islamabad. He maintained that initially there was no system of open auction and now there was open auction.

While showing her annoyance over the sluggish pace of CDA in provision of related details and records the member of the committee Munnaza Hassan said that CDA has failed to provide the complete record. She stated that non provision of records to the PAC was insult of the committee.

She asked the Chairman of CDA not to depend the wrong doings committed by the administration of CDA in several issues. While responding to the questions of committee Chairman CDA said that they have made millions of recoveries and the records will soon be submitted with NAB.

The officials of NAB told the committee that a total of 159 cases were registered with them by CDA. Meanwhile convener of the committee told the NAB officials that they will withdraw the cases from NAB if they did not work swiftly.

The committee gave the CDA two months to submit complete records with NAB for further action.

The committee was also informed that there were some buildings like “Marques wedding hall” situated in sector E-11 was using the CDA land as road and was not paying tax to CDA despite the fact that the land is under the CDA.

The CDA Chairman on the matter responded that they will fence the road completely and work on proper fencing will soon be started. The member of the committee Munnaza Hassan responded that the owner of Marques should reserve place for parking from their own land. The committee was also informed that out of 413 transformers installed for street lights in Islamabad 3 were stolen along with all the other accessories. On the matter the convener of the committee concluded that FIA and Police were cousins; adding that out of 21 police failed to trace 20 cases.