Washington-Donald Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows on Friday said that the president has “mild symptoms” after testing positive for Covid-19. “The president and the First Lady tested positive for Covid-19,” he told CNN. “They remain in good spirits.

“The president does have mild symptoms and, as we look to try to make sure that not only his health and safety and welfare is good, we continue to look at that for all of the American people.” 

Donald Trump was forced off the campaign trail on Friday after testing positive for Covid-19, in a political bombshell that upends his White House race against Joe Biden one month from the election.

The 74-year-old Trump -- who has continued to cast doubt on the seriousness of the pandemic, even as the US death toll topped 200,000  -- announced on Twitter that he and First Lady Melania Trump, 50, had tested 

positive and were going into quarantine. “We will get through this TOGETHER!” he wrote.

Trump’s doctor said the president was “well” and able to perform  his duties while self-isolating.

While its ultimate effect on the race remains unpredictable, the  thunderbolt news had immediate electoral consequences for Trump, forcing  him to cancel a rally planned later Friday in key swing state Florida.