LAHORE  -  Inspector General of Police (IGP), Punjab Inam Ghani said that best arrangements should be made for the security of A-category processions and Majalis in all districts of the province by effective use of available resources and modern technology on the occasion of Chehlum Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S).  The officers themselves should go out in the field and continue to inspect the security arrangements.  He further said that snipers should be deployed on the roofs of buildings coming in the way of Majalis and processions while no mourner should be allowed to enter the procession without checking with metal detectors, walk-through gates and searches. He further said that under the comprehensive strategy for the security of pilgrims and devotees on the annual Urs of Hazrat Usman Ali Hajveri (R.A), senior officers should formulate security plans under personal supervision and traffic management with security arrangements during Raiwind Tablighi Ijtema. 

He further said that preparations should be started for the security arrangements for the scheduled Pak-Zimbabwe cricket series in Multan and Rawalpindi so that the process of revival of international cricket in Pakistan could be further strengthened and the spectators could fully enjoy the cricket matches.

He stressed that there is no compromise on free registration of FIR as not registering FIR of any crime is tantamount to aiding the oppressor till the original crime of the province is known and the resources required for crime prevention can’t  be estimated.  

IG Punjab commended DIG Operations Lahore Ashfaq Khan for his excellent performance and also appreciated the performance of RPOs and DPOs of Okara, Lodhran, Faisalabad and Sahiwal.  

He further said that the accused in crimes like robbery, theft and drug trafficking who are  given bail soon,  the District Assessment Committees should carefully review their cases and determine the reasons for granting bail to the accused so that these shortcomings can be controlled. 

At the same time, follow up of these cases and close monitoring of the accused coming on bail should be ensured so that fear remains in the hearts of the accused and they consider it better for them to stay away from crimes. 

 He further said that special attention should be paid to close follow-up for accounting of guarantors giving fake bonds and strict action should not be delayed against those who give guarantees like professional touts, fake registries and papers.  

He further said that RPOs and DPOs should spend maximum time in their offices so that the citizens can easily reach them and they do not have to wait for meeting.  

He further said that the cases of those responsible for escaping from police custody should be scrutinized in the last three years and those who were found guilty in the inquiry should be given a detailed report within 15 days by the Additional IG IAB. 

He further said that priority measures should be taken to prevent incidents of abuse of women and children and such cases should be brought to a logical conclusion as soon as possible through effective use of modern technology including forensic science and geo-fencing so that justice is served to the affected families.  

The process of providing justice can be expedited.  He further said that after receiving the call on 15, the time of arrival of the police team at the crime scene would be considered as response time, while regardless of the increase in the number of accused, there should be no delay in declaring the accused in the category of proclaimed offenders.  

He further said that zero tolerance should be shown on killings in police custody, violence, corruption and abuse of power by police and strict departmental and legal action should not be delayed against those responsible.  

He issued these instructions to all the command officers of the province during a video link RPOs, CPOs and DPOs conference at the Central Police Office on Friday.

During the conference, IG Punjab was briefed that 393 processions and 697 Majalis would be held across the province on the occasion of Imam Hussain’s (RA) Chehlum for the security of which more than 35,000 police officers, 4,010 police national volunteers and 8,657 volunteers would perform security duties including 349 Gazette Officers.  

Other personnel including 631 inspectors, 1,755 sub-inspectors, 2,646 ASIs, 2,245 head constables and 26,838 constables will be involved while 300 walk-through gates, 7,000 metal detectors and 2251 CCTV cameras will be installed for the protection of mourners.  

Search sweep, combing and intelligence based operations should be carried out regularly in sensitive installations, densely populated areas and crime hotspots while senior officers should formulate a security plan under personal supervision and ensure its implementation through effective monitoring and inspection.  

He further said that police teams should be on high alert for the protection of devotees coming from different cities of the country in Lahore on the occasion of the annual Urs of Hazrat Usman Ali Hajveri, whereas senior officers should formulate and ensure effective monitoring and inspection. 

He further said that police crackdown should be intensified to prevent other crimes including robbery, murder and kidnapping for ransom and performance reports of police teams should also be sent to the Central Police Office regularly.  

All RPOs, CPOs and DPOs of the province including CCPO Lahore participated in the video link conference while Additional IG IAB Azhar Hameed Khokhar, MD Safe City Additional IG Rao Sardar, Additional IG Investigation Fayyaz Ahmed Dev, Additional IG Special Branch Zaeem Iqbal Sheikh, DIG IT Waqas Nazir, DIG Operations Sohail Akhtar Sukhera  and other officers were also present.