LAHORE - A senior security official while talking to The Nation on condition of anonymity has said that the points raised in a comment by an English daily were based on naivete and misconception. The official said the Army had kept itself out of politics and COAS Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had on numerous occasions expressed the institution's neutrality and his strict adherence to keep the Army out of politics in the post-Musharraf era. He said that the recipe for change suggested by the journalist who wrote the comment can only be executed through martial laws, and a martial law when imposed did not have a timeline. So it is not a cut and dried solution, neither it is Army's job to indulge in politics. The official said what the journalist had said was his own point of view. But the impression that he had the backing of the army or the security establishment is totally erroneous. The army is out of politics and it will remain so. The journalist, it may be mentioned, suggested that since the leaders and parties were not prepared, or capable of handling the mess created by General Musharraf, it was the prime responsibility of the army under General Kayani to undo these wrongs. "Neutrality", is a very pious concept, but after throwing all the mud and muck into political pond, standing on the side as a neutral observer would only be a poetic injustice to the nation," the writer said and suggested that Gen Kayani has taken the following measures: He should find a way out to undo the illegal actions taken by his predecessor on November 3, restore the deposed judges to November 2 position, get the NRO repealed to revert the white-washing of thousands of alleged criminals and cancel all the secret deals Musharraf had made with politicians or foreign powers. The writer had argued that when army power can be used to thrust a one-man rule and perpetuate his interests, why can't it be used to undo the wrongs for which the entire institution is facing the blame. "Let the powers of the guns and barrels be used for a change in the interest of the nation and people", he emphasised.