ISLAMABAD - A patient suffering from life threatening disease Autoimmune Disorder, struggling for her life, needs immediate assistance. As many as 20 blood plasma bottles are needed to save the life of Sadaf Saeed. Dr. Siham Sikander, brother of the patient, while talking to TheNation on Tuesday revealed that his sister is battling against Autoimmune Disorder, a life threatening disease, which requires almost 20 bottles of blood per day to save her life. Giving more details about the patient, Dr Siham said that Sadaf Saeed is admitted in High Dependency Unit of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Wing II, 2nd Floor, Shifa International Hospital Islamabad. His sister Sadaf Saeed needs the blood plasma of O +ve and O -ve groups for complete treatment. "So far people have shown generosity and we didn't have any problems regarding the arrangement of blood. Yet almost 20 bags of blood are required on daily basis for the next 15 to 20 days", he maintained. Briefing on the nature of the disease, Siham argued that Autoimmune Disorder is a kind of disease in which the body of the patient starts acting against his/her own immune system by destroying the life cells of the body. It is such a fatal disease that it starts destroy Red Blood Cells (RBC's), and platelet cells, he added. He further mentioned that Autoimmune Disorder is of different kinds. The particular name of the disease that Sadaf is suffering from is known as Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purora (TTP). "She has been suffering from this disease since for the last two years, but then her condition was improved after undergoing treatment. We were relieved that it would not happen again but to our utter surprise, she has fallen ill again, for the last two weeks", Siham uttered in sorrow. Dr. Siham Sikander, who is Consultant Psychiatrist and Research Associate at University of Liverpool and University of Manchester, is fully aware of the gravity of the disease. "My sister needs immediate assistance to win the battle of her life", he argued. He thanked the people for their generosity, which they showed by donating blood to his sister. "People have been very kind and generous to help us out. We appeal to our brothers to step forward for this noble cause and donate blood plasma of O +ve and O -ve group," he said.  "In this holy month of Ramazan, I request every one with the said blood group, to show the spirit of solidarity and sacrifice to save a life", he added while urging the blood donor organizations to contribute their share for this noble cause.