KARACHI - Sindh Home Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza informed the Sindh Assembly at the request of the speaker that a farmer who was waiting in queue to get urea at a distributing centre in Sukkur died of suffocation and not of police baton charge as was alleged in a point of order raised by a couple of members on the floor of the house on Tuesday. The assembly resumed it session here on Tuesday morning with the Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro in the Chair with delay of some three hours. The matter of the death of the farmer was first raised in the house by PPP legislator Humera Alwani on a point of order, she said that a poor farmer Ghulam Sarwar lost his life due to police baton charge made on a crowd of farmers waiting to get urea at a distribution centre. Another PPP member Ms. Rai Naz Bozdar, confirmed the incident as given by her party colleague. At this point the Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro asked the Home Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza to give the official details of the incident, upon which the minister said that the farmer died of suffocation and not because of police baton charge as was alleged by the members. Rai Naz Bozdar said there was sever shortage of urea in her constituency Pano Aqil Taluka Sukkur and asked the government to rush supplies to meet the demands of the farmers. The PPP lawmaker from Thatta said that the poor tiller Ghulam Sarwar lost life in search of urea, which has become a rare commodity now a days. The death of the poor farmer has once again highlighted the shortage of the commodity in the Sindh province. Only yesterday, the assembly had discussed in detail the shortage of urea and how would it impact on the cotton and grain crops in the province. It was revealed on the floor of the house that only a week is left for the crops to get the spray of urea otherwise the output of cotton and grains would suffer badly. The members most of whom belonged to farming families cried hoarse about surmounting shortage of urea. Expressing apprehension, they said it would be a national loss if the shortage of urea was not met forthwith and if the standing cash crops like cotton and grains were not sprayed with this essential agricultural input. PPP members, Pir Bachal Shah, Ghulam Qadir Chandio, Javed Shah and Haji Munawwar Ali Abbasi complained for non-availability of fertilizer and demanded that the commodity should be provided within six days otherwise the farmers would suffer huge losses. The house was informed that urea would be available in about a week time and would reach the distribution outlets. Tuesday was the private members day and order of the day carried huge business including five private resolutions and six motions with question house about Auqaf and Culture department. However, only question hour was taken up till Zuhar prayers. Before Speaker Nisar Khuhro adjourned the house till Thursday morning, Sindh Minister for Information Ms. Shazia Marri requested the chair that private members day was an important day for the legislators who can raise issues of their constituencies and matter of public interests. She said when her party was in opposition; just recently it was not allowed private members day a number of times. She said her party still feels the pain of denial for not given the private members day. Her party however would not deny members of opposition the private members day. She requested the chair to accommodate the business of Tuesday. The house will meet on Thursday morning.