ISLAMABAD-The much-awaited Islamabad Capital Territory Drug Rules 2008 are still in doldrums due to bureaucratic inertia and politics of transition, while the local administration has failed to notify the required by-laws even after the lapse of more than six months. Earlier, it took Islamabad Health Department over three years to finalise the ICT Drug Rules 2008 catering to the needs of the current health practices and medicine procurement mechanisms in the federal capital territory. According to the sources, the Chief Commissioner Islamabad is now supposed to do the needful for notification of the rules that were drafted and submitted almost six months ago by the Islamabad Health Department to the chief commissioner office. Chief commissioner office since then has been sleeping on the left over notification process as required by legal procedure. After formal approval of the Chief Commissioner Islamabad, the rules will be published in the official gazette and finally the official notification for the implementation of the ICT Drug Rules will be issued. "Earlier the law section of the Commissioner office also took long time in approving the rules and now it is the Chief Commissioner office that is not processing the ICT Drug Rules 2008", the sources alleged. The decision of introducing new ICT Drugs Rules was taken when the Islamabad Capital Territory Drug Rules 1989 was termed obsolete, as it did not match with the present time requirement. The rules were finalized last year as ICT Drug Rules 2007 but it could not manage to get approval last year. In very start of the year 2008 the rules were completely finalised but due to the bureaucratic delaying tactics so far the implementation cannot be carried out. The work on this proposal was started in 2006 and the continuous efforts of Islamabad Health Department bore fruit and they successfully drafted this law to replace the previous rules, which was very necessary. Earlier to ensure presence of all stakeholders in the Quality Control Board the constitution of the body was also amended. ICT Drug Rule 1989 is a subordinate legislation of the Drug Act 1976 of Pakistan. Meanwhile, several attempts were made to contact Chaudhry Asgar, Assistant Director Administration, Chief Commissioner but he was not available for comments.